I prefer writing in our journal in front of a fireplace

One of the best gifts I have ever gotten as a youngster was a truly nice journal.

It has a charming leather cover and I am able to refill the paper in the journal, so I can continue using it until the afternoon I die.

My parents always had a charming fireplace in the house, and that was actually our number one locale to write in our journal. I would keep it with myself and others all the time and when that fire was going in the fireplace, it made the creative juices flow. I didn’t even have to be writing anything, periodically I was just drawing pictures and it was always so relaxing. There was a time when I had to live in sites that didn’t have fireplaces, but I ended up buying an electric fireplace. It didn’t give myself and others with the same feeling as having a real fireplace, however it did help to see the glowing sparks, even though they were fake. Eventually when I decided to buy our own house, I knew that I had to go for a locale that had at least 1 fireplace. The locale I ended up getting though is perfect. Not only does it have a charming temperature control system, however there is a fireplace in the kitchen, the master kitchen, and there is an outdoor fireplace! I love this home so much and now I am respectfully writing in our journal just care about ancient times in front of 1 of our fireplaces, however of course, I care about spending time in front of the indoor fireplaces because I don’t have mosquitos bothering me.


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