We constantly got ready with the fireplace when the storyteller would come over

For as long as I can remember, the two of us constantly referred to our uncle as ‘the storyteller’.

This is because he constantly had the best stories to tell.

The thing is, he would only tell his stories in the right conditions. There had to be a nice fire in the fireplace, and the temperature control settings had to be just right. There would be an exception if the two of us were outside camping somewhere or hanging near the outdoor fireplace, however if the two of us were indoor he enjoyed wonderful air quality and perfect temperature control settings. I constantly enjoyed that too so I constantly wanted to get a fire going in the fireplace whenever I knew our uncle was coming over to visit. By the end of the night, he would get into his story telling mood and he would tell some of the most interesting stories I have ever heard. I never knew for particular whether he came up with the stories at the top of his head or if he just read so much that he knew a lot of stories. The thing is, most of the stories would be original 1s that the two of us had never heard before, unless the two of us suggested that he retell 1 of the stories the two of us loved before. It was love the stories came to life in our mind while I would be genuinely relaxed with the cozy heating coming from the fireplace. It was constantly a magical time when the two of us were listening to the stories, and those times were actually some of the best memories of our life.

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