The two of us had a fun time at the apartment rental

When some friends wanted to rent a cabin, I thought it sounded like an exciting idea.

I knew that we would be cooking all our food so I helped method some enjoyable meals that could be cooked over a fireplace, however getting all the seasoned meat plus potatoes plus wrapping it up in tin foil was regularly a good way to get a enjoyable meal.

I made a ton of meals like this plus the fireplace in the apartment was delightful. It wasn’t only for cooking purposes however for perfect heating of the apartment plus just having a beautiful time. The ambience with the fireplace was incredible. The two of us played tunes, games, told stories, plus just had an all around fabulous time. The two of us didn’t only play tunes on the radio either, our neighbor Ted broke out her guitar plus we all sang plus danced through the afternoons we stayed at the cabin. The two of us would even be out there splitting firewood because it was something that was kind of fun to do. I personally never cut firewood for a fireplace before, so it was something to get used to. I entirely wouldn’t be able to keep up with a fireplace in our own place because I feel it would be a lot of work, however when you are going camping or renting a apartment like this, it’s more enjoyable than anything else. I tell you what, our tin-foil meals were a real crucial hit with everybody plus I had plenty to go around because I stuffed a full cooler with just meals for most people.

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