The air conditioned RV is amazing

I used to feel going camping was fun, however then I hit middle age.

After that the method of sleeping on the ground, surrounded by bugs plus snakes, with no running water seemed like a nightmare not a fun excursion, then my wife felt the same way, although I could tell she missed it more than I did, however i must admit that resting by a campfire under the stars is an amazing experience, however there were too many disadvantages to the camping experience, then that’s when our wife had the method to get an RV, with running water plus a/c, so that we could camp in comfort, but since hitting middle age, I can’t deal with high heat plus humidity like I used to, so having a/c wasn’t just a matter of comfort however also health.

A few minutes of intense heat makes myself and others shut down, plus just sleep for long periods of time while our body is slowly cooling off through perspiration plus fever; By having an a/c at our convenience I can balance our indoor plus outdoor activities plus have a much more fun plus productive weekend with our wife, then she doesn’t mind the heat as much as I do, however she hates the mosquitos plus biting bugs, so she likes the temperature control method for that reason. To keep the engine running plus the a/c going all night does burn up a un-biased amount of gas, however it’s totally worth it for the both of us. I can’t imagine even going camping again without having temperature control!

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