My aunt convinced me to install an HVAC system in her home

I studied the installation videos and got a few tools that I would need

My aunt has always been pretty funny. I mean she’s great to hang around, but she always makes sure to utilize everybody who comes to visit. She will have you over at her place doing laundry if you are not careful. She has always been a smooth talker and is great at convincing people of things. She was great to have at the restaurants. Whenever the place was uncomfortable with lousy temperature control settings, she would speak to the manager and have the A/C blasting by the time we were eating our food. She even convinced a lot of restaurants to invest in quality air purification systems for improved air quality which everybody can appreciate. Well, more recently I went over to visit and she was telling me about her old HVAC system that was dying on her. She seemed concerned but she told me she had been reading about a new type of HVAC that could be installed without the assistance of professionals. I realized that she was going to ask me to do something big here, and sure enough she asked if I could learn how to install these HVAC systems and install one in her home. She was talking about ductless mini splits, the DIY models. I studied the installation videos and got a few tools that I would need. I told her I would try my best and she said she had faith in me. The installation was actually way easier than I imagined it would be, and now I have HVAC installation under my belt.

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