Why not go for a dual fuel system?

This will help pay you back for your investment

If you are looking into getting a nice HVAC system upgrade, there are so many options out there. If you really want to go an energy efficient route though, why not consider going for a dual fuel system? Let’s get started with what a dual fuel system is. Basically this is a dedicated heat pump system that works with a full furnace system. The furnace can be gas, oil, or even electric. The heat pump will be electric and will handle all of the workload for heating and cooling all the way down to 35 degrees. There will be an outdoor sensor that will trigger the furnace to crank on when the temperatures fall below 35. This is because at those temperatures and below, the furnace is far more energy efficient than the heat pump. Now for safety reasons, only the heat pump or furnace can be working at once, so the furnace takes over after the heat pump shuts off and vice versa. There are also amazing tax incentives you will get on your federal taxes when you invest in a dual fuel HVAC system because of the extremely high energy efficiency. This will help pay you back for your investment. Also because the system is so energy efficient, you could end up getting your return on your investment within 5 years. You typically will get a warranty for 10 years for this type of system, but the system will easily last twice as long if you make sure to keep up with regular maintenance and care, so it’s a good idea to enroll into an HVAC service plan.

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