I’d rather workout outdoors

I live in a part of the country where the temperature fluctuates from negative twenty-five to eighty-five eight-degrees.

We deal with around 6 to 8 months of below-zero conditions & multiple feet of snow.

High winds, hail, rain & excessive humidity are common. I live in a rural area, & it’s a lengthy drive to buy groceries, gas or get a haircut. It’s not really possible to keep up with a gym membership. I need to take care of my daily workouts at home. I’ve purchased some standard equipment, including a yoga mat, jump rope, resistance bands, dumbbells & a weighted pole. I invested a little more to include a stationary bike in my home gym. While I’m able to manage a decent training session, I would prefer to get outdoors. I always want to go for a six-mile run or a bike ride. I enjoy unrolling my yoga mat on the back deck & inhaling fresh air while I jump rope, strength train & complete ab crunches. The back deck offers plenty of space & a nice view of the lawn and gardens. I love feeling the sun on my skin & the ability to jump around without worrying about causing damage. Unfortunately, my indoor workout space is rather cramped. I tend to go to extensive lengths to exercise outside. I dress warm up to brave the cold & rain. I keep a sweat towel handy & exercise early in the morning on the especially hot & humid days. I am willing to deal with severe conditions because I am definitely more motivated when I’m outdoors. I push myself further & get a better workout.

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