Close inspection reveals that the HVAC store was actually broken into

I received a call from the evening security guard at the company complex where our company is located, however the evening security guard was alarmed because there was a sound coming from inside the building.

The evening security guard got scared when he saw movement inside of the building plus he fled the scene, but he called the police and then he called me to report a disturbance at the property, but I didn’t find out he was scared until weeks after the incident occurred.

The morning after the incident, I didn’t see anything wrong inside the building. I thought the guy was crazy. Later that afternoon, I finally realized someone had been inside the back storage room. There was a small dent in the door that was barely noticeable. The only reason I noticed the dent was because I went outback to smoke cigarettes. The door looked odd plus it caught my eye. I decided to check all of the storage plus the showroom. I discovered two window AC units were missing from the storage room. I only recently started carrying these big machines, because customers have asked for window AC units plus I thought I should keep a couple of odd models in stock. The two AC units weren’t the most overpriced, but they were the only two models with remote controls. The expense for both AC units was less than the cost to pay our insurance deductible, so I am taking the loss. The security guard was right the whole time. Someone was moving around inside of the building that evening.

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