Strange encounter as my HVAC co-worker turns out to be a week smoker

My boss hired a new woman to work in the stockroom of the heating plus a/c supply store, however I thought I recognized the woman when she started, however I wasn’t sure until this weekend.

I also work in the stockroom of the heating plus a/c supply store, then right now I am saving money to get my own apartment, so I have also been working evenings as a delivery driver.

I give it to a local cannabis dispensary. Both of us give all over the valley plus I make 12 words 15 deliveries every evening. I honestly thought I recognized the woman from my evening time deliveries, however I really did not say anything. I did not want anyone in the heating plus a/c supply store to suppose that I was working evenings as a cannabis delivery driver.Last evening I was working the late shift at the cannabis store plus I took an order to the new woman at her apartment. I recognized the name on the order immediately, however I was already running out the door with everything in my hand. I knew it was going to be a strange, awkward, plus odd conversation, however I did not have time to stop plus ask someone else to take the delivery, but when the woman answered the door, she did not look surprised to see me. In fact, she even asked if I wanted to come into the apartment plus smoke cannabis with him. I did not tell the woman that I do not smoke weed, because I did not want to have an even more awkward conversation. I politely said no, because I had more deliveries in the truck.


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