The condenser does what?

An Heating plus Air Conditioning condenser of modern day is an outdoor portion of an air conditioner or heat pump that either collects or releases heat from the home, depending on the time of the year, however condensers are 1 genre of heat exchanger that you should hear about.

They force pressurized refrigerant to condense, changing its state all the way from a gas back into a liquid! Both heat pump plus split air conditioners are going to be made up of the same basic components.

The condenser contains a compressor, condenser coil, a fan, plus various controls. The condenser coil also is important – it can be made up of copper tubing with aluminum fins or an all-aluminum tubing to allow heat transfer. The condenser fan is an important component that circulates the air across the coil to facilitate more heat transfer. The compressor is the heart of your Heating plus Air Conditioning system, I believe, because it compresses the refrigerant, converting it into gas, plus pumps it to an associated coil in the form of tepid gas. The refrigerant is cooled at the condenser in a/c units, thus converting it into a moderate liquid. It travels through a pipe into your evaporator coil, where, finally, it expands plus cools. In heat pumps, the tepid gas is directly pumped to the associated evaporator coil to heat your home. In a heating context, the condenser collects desired heat from your outdoor air plus cools it. This sometimes causes the coil to get frigid enough to collect frost, depleting airflow, thus reducing the coil effectively.


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