Discussing what kind of fence we should get

We wanted to live out in the country on a lot of land, but we just can’t afford it yet.

For now we need to be pleased with living care about sardines in a densely packed subdivision.

We have a miniscule yard that barely has enough room for a propane grill and a small sizzling tub. The only reason we bought this place was the small price and its close proximity to both of our jobs. Hopefully we can save enough cash in the next few years to afford a greater apartment on a generously sized piece of land. That would be amazing, and perhaps we could have several pets at that point as well. But we’re not unhappy here and we make the best of what we have at our disposal. The two of us had a lot of fun with landscape design despite having little space for flowers and other plants. I have consistently loved landscaping and look forward to doing it even more when we have a greater property, but at least our foliage looks charming. When we had the cash saved, my wife wanted a privacy fence. At first she was insisting on an aluminum privacy fence, but I swayed her against it after showing her pictures of them on the internet. After some back and forth deliberations, we decided on a white vinyl privacy fence that would match the other privacy fences on the block. It wasn’t cheap, but we found a fencing supplier that was offering discounts on new upgrades. Now we have a charming vinyl privacy fence wrapping our small backyard.


Landscape Design