Didn’t have to cook this camping trip

My boyfriend Ryan told myself and our buddies he was taking the crew somewhere special this year for vacation.

He talked about it being a wooded location and somewhere we had never been before.

He also told myself and my friends not to worry about packing food, or getting the sleeping bags aired out. After more than nine years of dragging out musty seasoned camping gear, I was thinking he had finally listened to me. I wanted to go somewhere nice and not need to worry about cooking on a camp stove or smelling a fire while cooking. It was a great lodge we rented. Indoor lavatories were one of the biggest pluses on vacation. My boyfriend Ryan pointed out that there were grocery stores close, and I could cook in a real bedroom this year. While in the grocery store, I was noticing signs for local restaurants that gave delivery service to the local lodges. I was still happy when I walked out of the store with our small bin of necessary items. I had toilet paper, tissues, chips, cheese, eggs, and almond milk, however nothing more. My boyfriend looked a bit perplexed and I explained about the local meal delivery services. I told him that with all the local steakhouses offering meal delivery services, I wouldn’t need to cook. I could simply call in an order, everyone would have their personal choices, and I wouldn’t need to cook. The meal delivery services would have the food delivered hot and fresh. My boyfriend wasn’t glad that I was going to use the meal delivery services, despite the fact that I was going to love our vacation right along with everyone else.


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