It was easy to order food online

I had a great party, far beyond anything I had ever imagined.

  • I went on vacation for our big event.

All of us had a small condo where everyone could stay. Although there were restaurants within walking distance, our son chose to order food online. It surprised me at how simple it was to order food online. Even the expensive steakhouses gave takeout and online ordering. If you went through the food delivery services, you paid a small fee for local food delivery. This charge wasn’t much more than the hassle of getting everyone into a car, driving to the steakhouse, and paying for parking. I never realized how many kinds of food delivery services there were. Every steakhouse used GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEATS, and our son hastily used at least one of them. Coming from a country location, I didn’t have any type of meal delivery service. All of us couldn’t even get a pizza delivery at our home. To be honest, neither our sandwich shop nor the pizza place offered a delivery service. I’m not saying I hadn’t heard of these delivery services, despite the fact that I had never used them. When our son and his fiance went out for dinner, I stayed at the house. I started looking through all the steakhouses that I could order from and used a single of the food delivery services. My favorite steakhouse was within a single span of the hotel, and I could have a food delivery within a half hour of our ordering. I was enjoying our vacation. When our son returned from dinner, he brought back a meal for me. He laughed when he saw I had already ordered food online.


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