I believe I saved my grandmother’s life with a UV air purifier

Before this pandemic hit, I would visit my grandmother in the nursing home regularly.

It was severely concerning when the pandemic started. I actually wished that my grandmother was not in the nursing home because they suddenly shut it down to the public. When I would go to visit, I could only see my grandmother through a window, and that was all we could do, we couldn’t even talk anymore! I kept telling the people there that they needed to install a UV air purification system. When nobody there would listen to me about the UV air purification system, that’s when I bought a very high quality UV air purifier and told them to set up the UV air purifier in my grandmother’s room. She wrote me a note that said she was thankful for the UV air purifier and it made her feel so much better with improved air quality in her room. It was a good thing that I was able to get her that UV air purifier because then something really terrible happened. The governor of our state ordered a bunch of Covid patients to be sent to all the nursing homes. People fought against this move, but they had no choice but to take those patients in the nursing homes. The sickness spread in the nursing homes like wildfire and a lot of people died sadly. So many people are angry at the governor for forcing this to happen, but he acts like he did nothing wrong. Thankfully, my grandmother was able to make it through, and I think it’s because she stayed near the UV air purifier the whole time and she didn’t get sick!

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