Want ductless HVAC in the shed

The house I bought came with a backyard shed that now serves as my work out area.

I have just enough space to put two folding mats down.

I got a mirror to hang up so I can see my swatches. I have weights, a jump rope, sound system and a water bottle mount. The only thing missing in my shed is heating and cooling. Most of the year I don’t require any sort of temperature control. In the winter there are a few weeks that get really cold though. I recently invested in a space heater to help out a bit. I need to remember to start heating my shed around an hour before working out. If I don’t, I can forget it. The space heater struggles to warm the whole area. Even with pre-heating, it still isn’t exactly warm. In the summer there is a month that gets to 90 degrees everyday. Right now I am using a box fan to get by. I have thought about window air conditioning or one of those portable units that do both heating and cooling. The issue is space for me. I don’t want to lose space that I could work out in. I have brand new windows and don’t want to cover them up with a bulky unit. In an ideal world I would get a ductless heater and air conditioner. I have the place already insulated with airtight windows. The heating and air system would work fine there. The expense is what is slowing me down.

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