Want boiler to heat my pool

If anyone is thinking of getting a pool, remember to get a pool heater too.

I nixed this idea because I was already spending so much money. I also live in the south, how cold can it get? In the spring and summer time it is plenty warm to swim every single day. In the fall it starts to cool off and we have a few weeks in winter that are cold. I didn’t get the heater, instead I chose to do better pavers and a seat in the pool to sun in. I love those features, but if I could do it all over again, I would get the heating system. After spending so much money on a pool, I hate that certain times of the year I can’t swim in it. I hate that the water is so cold that friends coming over don’t always swim. You can’t add a pool heater later in production. I recently found out that my boiler system can serve as one though. I need to hook up piping to it and then connect it to my pool. Then the boiler heats the water. It is that easy. I looked around at the local HVAC companies and I did find one that does pool heating systems. I am hoping to get a deal since I already have half the system. It will be amazing having heat in the pool area. I am also glad the boiler is going to get another function. In the south I hardly use the boiler system. It just doesn’t get too cold. Really, all I need to get by is a few space heaters for a couple of weeks. That is about as cold as it gets.
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