Glad I went with a snowmelt system

For a while I wasn’t using my boiler system like it was supposed to be used.

If you have a boiler, run piping to it and enjoy heating more than one thing.

You can heat your home with a boiler no problem. You additionally can provide heating for the water flowing through your home. You can even have piping with hot water flowing through it in your floors, that creates hydronic heating. What I ended up doing is getting a snowmelt system installed. I was tired of shoveling snow in the morning and getting into an icy car. I would need to thaw the ice off the windshield before going anywhere. I would have to tack on another 30 minutes in the morning just for ice and snow removal. With the snowmelt system, I can hop into a freshly heated car. The pipes are under my driveway and silently heat my floor. The snow no longer sticks because it melts. The car is warm on top of the heated driveway and no ice forms on the windshield and no snow will stay on it. I can just wake up, get dressed for work and my car is perfectly heated. I no longer freeze to death and possibly get my clothing wet. The installation was really simple. I had the boiler system already. I just called a HVAC professional and it took him one day to do the piping and one day for me to cover it up with black top. Now my whole winters are that much better. The cost of a snowmelt system isn’t bad for what you get.



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