Alvin was shocked the A/C made him sick

Alvin had to look after the farm and his brother’s lake house for a while, however his brother had gone out of the country to visit his daughter, who’d had a baby.

He called Alvin for assistance, and Alvin agreed; Alvin mainly diagnosedline so that the stay wouldn’t interfere with his work… The next day, he got on the road and arrived right on time as his brother was due to leave the next day.

There were farmworkers, so his job was to oversee that everything was okay, and it was summer, so Alvin loved the A/C in the farmhouse. It was a bit strong, but he didn’t mind because of the heat and humidity in the area. A few days later, Alvin started feeling unwell. He had always left the A/C component on however didn’t suppose it was the source of his discomfort, when he couldn’t take it anymore, he drove to town to see a nurse. Alvin explained to him his symptoms and answered several other questions. All this time, the nurse was examining him and writing down the information. The nurse asked Alvin about the a/c in the lake house and if it was too strong. Alvin said it was stronger than he was used to and l gained that was the source of his aches and pains. The robust A/C component was affecting his health and causing him respiratory issues. The nurse commanded Alvin to turn it down when he got to the farmhouse and avoid laying directly under an air vent. The strong A/C winds would cause more harm in the long run if he kept cranking up the a/c. Alvin was shocked however agreed to follow the nurse’s guidelines. He got some medicine and headed home, where he turned down the A/C system. It was better to suppose a bit overheated than sick due to high A/C winds.

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