Needed a film and tint to feel safe in my home

I bought a house in the middle of the woods.

  • I love having so much land and privacy all around me.

The best part is the house has a ton of these floor to ceiling windows. You can see the woods all around you. It feels like living in a greenhouse but with the luxury of a real home. At first I loved all my windows and then at night, I got super scared. When it is dark outside but brightly lit indoors, I was aware I was lit up like a beacon. I was scared that people could see me in the kitchen, watching TV and going to bed at night. I didn’t want to get shades over all my beautiful windows though. I knew I was totally safe and private, but I didn’t like that someone theoretically could see me. For peace of mind it was worth investing in a window tint and film. I got the front windows a window tint. From the outside it is a light beige color that matches the house. I can still see outside, they just can’t see in. My bedroom and the bathrooms all have a decorative window film. The bedroom has a frosted glass look while the bedrooms look like rainwater hit them. I can’t see outside anymore and I am glad about this. I want to feel totally locked away and safe in those rooms. I was surprised that adding a film and tint to my windows wasn’t that much money. I was also surprised at the instant relief I felt in my home after they were put on.

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