It sure was a nice Springtime thanks to Heating & Air Conditioning upgrade

I’m the sort of guy who hates to see Winter time fade into Springtime.

  • This is really counter to all of the people who are desperate to shut off the gas oil furnace after month after month of freezing un-even temperatures.

I totally would believe the same way if I lived in a region where there was a extreme winter. That’s just not the case for me. I get to live in a region where the sun shines all Winter time plus the temps are quite mild. Heck, the Heating & Air Conditioning heat pump hardly even comes on for heating. The reason I prefer the Winter time is because it’s the 1 section of the year that the air conditioning isn’t running. But the other reason I don’t enjoy seeing Winter time slip away is I have to face Springtime. And that means allergies. I couldn’t even find refuge from the seasonal allergies inside the Heating & Air Conditioning comfort of our home. The pollen quite literally followed me inside to the air conditioning. However, this past Springtime was the most pleasant experience I’ve had when it comes to the Springtime season. I had the Heating & Air Conditioning business come out plus install a whole lake condo media air cleaner. This thing fits right inside the air handler equipment of the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. The Heating & Air Conditioning plus the media media air cleaner work together to scrub the air. The media media air cleaner uses UV light to destroy the DNA of airborne contaminants as the air comes from the return. And that goes for airborne contaminants enjoy pollen. Our current whole lake condo media air cleaner zaps that pollen before it can wreak havoc with our respiratory system.

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