At least there’s wonderful Heating and Air Conditioning in the basement

First, I count myself easily lucky to have made it through the pandemic separate from losing a enjoyed 1 to this disappointing virus.

And I was glad to do whatever I needed to do to slow the spread and do our part.

These are things that I am easily thankful for as I look back on the past year. However, there were some real swings for me. For 1, I won’t be enjoying the perfectly Heating and Air Conditioning maintained office that I had occupied for the last 4 years. Well, it was a cubicle in an office space that had the best zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning ever. The heating and cooling comfort was always a given in the office. But I was laid off and then not called back due to the pandemic. Since I’m just 4 years out of university, I couldn’t make it on our savings and had to provide up our apartment. Thankfully, I have wonderful parents who welcomed myself and others home. It was a soft landing spot after a tough turn of events. But it also gave our dad and I the opportunity to fix up the basement. She had always wanted to make an house down there. So the people I was with and I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and started the project with up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional installed a ductless mini split in the basement. This is a ductless heat pump and it makes the basement guess attractive. Once I’m back on our feet, I have encouraged dad and Dad to rent it out. It’s just that nice.

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