Ductless makes for best solution in new home situation

I finally just got sick and tired of waiting for home ownership to just happen. I saved and saved but getting to the threshold for buying a house on my own seemed to move further away. So when a group of friends invited me to join in on buying a home, I was intrigued. Frankly, all the years of sub optimal heating and cooling in apartments had taken their toll. I wanted to live somewhere that the HVAC equipment was mine and I could take care of it properly. That way, I could have the quality heating and air that I have wanted since graduating college. Turns out that buying a home together with friends was the answer to those heating and cooling needs. We purchased a three story home. Of course, there is an array of legal stuff to protect everyone’s interests prior to closing on the house. But once that was out of the way, we didn’t have a ton of renovating to do to make the house into three separate living quarters. However, the HVAC situation was one of the top renovation concerns. But the HVAC contractor was right on top of that with a ready answer. He suggested that we install a series of ductless heat pumps in each of the separate living quarters. This would allow us to have the individual heating and cooling comfort we all craved. It has worked out beautifully. The ductless heat pumps are so efficient that we were surprised at just how much we were saving in HVAC utility costs. And just having a place of our own makes the situation even sweeter.

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