Keeping the HVAC under lock and key

I can remember when I would fret a bit about whether or not I had locked the garage door when I would leave for work.

But, I would let it go given the fact that we lived in such a quiet place.

When we moved here, there just wasn’t very much crime at all. That, along with the rest of the area, has changed as the years have gone by. Now, I’m hearing horror stories of HVAC equipment being savaged. That’s right, there are people who are tearing apart HVAC equipment for money. And one might think that these thieves are making away with hundreds of dollars worth of expensive HVAC components. I mean there’s a lot of HVAC technology in that HVAC cabinet outside your home. But that’s not what the thieves are after at all. No, they are after the copper fittings inside the HVAC cabinet. The condenser and compressor just get tossed aside like so much trash for the thieves to get their hands on a limited amount of copper. And even then, these people are only getting pennies on the dollar when they sell the copper. This is just how desperate they are for quick money. These days, I have a garage door opener that automatically locks the door when it closes. I also had to install security cameras as well. So, it wasn’t all that surprising that I have had to put a cage over my HVAC equipment and lock it to the concrete pad. It’s a sad state of affairs but I’m sure not going to allow my HVAC equipment to be destroyed over a few dollars worth of copper fittings.


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