Found solution for uneven HVAC

I think we all have homes with their own set of quirks.

While I’m sure there are places that are perfect, most of us deal with some idiosyncrasies regarding our homes.

For our home, this comes in the form of the HVAC. We have great HVAC equipment. In fact, when we were negotiating to buy the house, replacing the HVAC equipment was a big part of that. And we got the good quality, reliable and highly efficient HVAC equipment we wanted. So when we first moved in, I was puzzled that there was a section of the house that just didn’t get the heating and cooling coverage like the rest. Initially, I thought it might be something wrong with the new HVAC equipment. However, the HVAC technician came out and checked every inch of it. Not only was it good HVAC equipment, it was running perfectly. Upon further inspection, the HVAC technician suggested that our trouble was due to interior walls that were added after the HVAC design was done. This was blocking the heating and cooling from being properly distributed to this one small section of our home. Thankfully, I found the solution in these small fans that are placed in those interior walls. They are ventilation fans that automatically pull or push air to equalize the heating and cooling in that section of our house. It didn’t take a day for us to realize the HVAC comfort we had been missing once I put in the room to room ventilators. And since then, that is one less weird quirk that we have had to put up with.

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