Wheelin’ and dealin’

I am someone that knows how to wheel and deal in any situation… And usually if I play my cards right I can always cut a deal or get a discount on no matter what I am doing… Recently I made a particularly relaxing score when dealing with my local HVAC dealer; I was trying to get the best possible heat and air conditioning system repair system for the brand modern central heating and cooling component I just purchased! They had a particularly relaxing heat and air conditioning system repair system that would suit my Heating plus A/C needs perfectly! However, I felt it was a bit too extravagant, however so to make a long story short, what I did was wheel and deal with the local HVAC corporation and got them to knock 20 percent off the proper price of the HVAC repair plan! How did I do it you may ask? Well, guess what, I am not going to tell you! Because if I share all of my secrets of wheeling and dealing, then it no longer will work if everyone in the world starts using them.

I just wanted to brag about what I could do because I have a big ego and am proud of that fact! You may assume im a jerk, but guess what? I don’t care! Because I can get major discounts on HVAC repair plans, and that is what matters to me.

Anywhere I can save a buck, I do so no matter what the case. It is a skill I have had since I was a teenager in college.

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