New plan last minute

his weekend me and my wife were going to have a nice quiet dinner at home.

However those plans quickly got changed when on that very Saturday, we woke up to our central heating and air conditioning system going out! Because it was the weekend we did not want to have to pay for emergency heat and a/c services, even though it was cold.

So we figured since we were planning on spending a quiet weekend alone anyhow, why don’t we use this heating and air conditioning system break down as an excuse to go away to a very upscale hotel for the night! And that is what we did. It was really nice too. And of course, they had great heating in there. We stayed until Monday morning when we both had to go back to work. So we just left for our jobs from the hotel that morning, putting an end to a really wonderful weekend together. And when we got home later that Monday from work, we had the heating and air conditioning specialist at our home from the local heat and a/c company. He was able to fix our central heating and cooling unit and the heating was working great again. I guess in a way we can say that the central heating and air conditioning system unit breaking down was an unexpected treat as it made us have a romantic luxury weekend together. Something that would not have happened had the central heating and air conditioning system not broken down.


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