Smaller Living Includes Smaller Heating & Cooling Bills

Just a couple of years ago, my oldest living sibling decided to sell the house he had lived in with his partner & son… His partner died of cancer a few years before that, & his son is grown & living on his own, and everyone expected him to buy a smaller house, which is what older people do, right? A smaller house is easier to clean, has lower property taxes, & is less expensive for heating & cooling, but Jim surprised everyone when he decided to go out & buy this humongous house; It is over 5000 square feet & has almost an acre of property & a pool in the backyard… There are 2 zones in his Heating and Air Conditioning with zone control, & he has a oil furnace for the pool.

I can’t even imagine what his heating & cooling bills are care about each week, not to mention the costs friendd with getting the yard labor done & keeping the pool up & running with the right chemicals & such, smaller living means smaller heating & cooling bills, although he seemed to not care at all; Personally, I live in a 1000 square foot townhouse, & I dread my a/c bill every week of summer.

I set my thermostat on 68 when I go to bed, & the a/c runs all night long. My other sibling thinks that Jim doesn’t go upstairs certainly often, so he is able to keep the upstairs thermostat set quite high in the Summer & quite low in the winter, which I assume makes sense. But here’s my question. If you are not going to go upstairs, why buy such a large house in the first arena?


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