Hot SHowers and Sweats

Are you the type of person who loves to use the heating and cooling system every afternoon of the year? There are a lot of people who do like that.

They simply set the thermostat on their favorite setting and leave it there all year long.

In the summer, the A/C device keeps the thermostat setting right, and in the winter, the heating system kicks in to keep the beach house at that setting. I am not that type of person. Because I live in the south, the A/C is on for much of the year out of necessity, so I look forward to the fall each year. When the cooler weather comes in, I get excited because I can shut off the A/C unit, open the windows, and let the beach house get fresh. I try not to turn on the heating system immediately; in fact, if I can get through the whole Winter time without using heating, that is what I try to do. I don’t enjoy forced air heating, as the dry air gives me sinus trouble and wreaks havoc with our skin and gives me chapped lips. I have a little portable heating system that I sometimes plug in just to have a little spot that is warmer, however I guess in the long run those portable furnaces aren’t all that efficient. If I can get away with it, and the Winter time is mild, I choose to do the best thing – curl up under a blanket, take hot showers thanks to the water heater, and wear some sweats! When Summer comes back around, though, I gotta turn the A/C device back on!