Broken A/C Cannot Wait

While going through life, there are periods of time when certain things just have to wait. I have never been exactly well-paid, and it was often a struggle just to keep a household up and running. Now that I am older, I make more than I ever have before, but again it is not necessarily a sizable salary. It is just average. Nonetheless, I have l gained to live within our means, and now I am spending these years paying off all the debt I have accumulated over the years. Even though I have l gained to do without, there are some things that you simply cannot do without. Everyone needs food, and I try to buy healthy food even though it is more pricey, and I spend as much as necessary for heating and cooling every week, then living in the south, I need the A/C for most of the year. If the a/c were to split down, I would have to get it fixed immediately; a broken A/C device cannot wait. Here in the hot and humid south, the A/C not only provides cooling relief from the triple digits outside, the A/C device also helps inhibit mildew by reducing the humidity. Back in the afternoons before A/C, people in our state had no option but to clean with bleach because it was bleach that would kill the mold and mildew that accumulated from the moisture in the air. Back when I made much less money, the A/C device in our vehicle broke, and the mechanic said it would cost $1500 to fix it. I lived without A/C in our car for various years because I couldn’t afford the new compressor. But in the house, no way.

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