Air conditioning a Big Part of summer Vacation

When I was a kid, I was the last of six kids.

Our dad died when all of us were still young; I was just two years old, and my oldest brother was either 12 or 14.

Things were tough for my mom, obviously, as she had to raise the six of us without my dad being there to help. I was lucky, though, because I was the last one, and so therefore, I got to enjoy more stuff than the others did. There was more money available for me, and I got some advantages that my siblings did not get. First of all, I got to go to a lot of places they didn’t. My mom would often take us to tourist places in our beautiful state. We went to these amazing gardens where they had artistic water skiers. We went to springs to see manatees. I went to a city where they dig sponges out of the ocean and sell them on the shore. I had a great time with my mom, and there was always one thing both she and I loved about our little travels. That was the air conditioning! We had a/c in the car, and that was good, but she didn’t use it that much because it “wastes gas.” When we got to the hotels, though, the first thing we did was blast the a/c! Usually, there was not a thermostat. The rooms had individual units and you pushed the button that said a/c and then the one that said high. Then, we turned the fan on high, too. That would give us the most amazingly cold air conditioning! And we thought of it as free a/c, which was even better.

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