Grandfatherrents hot house

Every year while in the Summer I send our teenagers off to our parents house.

They care about spending time with their Grandfatherrents although I guess as all of us get older it’s become more of a challenge to get them out there, when they were younger it was regularly fun for them to go see their Grandfatherrents because they live in a rustic house. I don’t have any of the current conveniences that all of us have in our house. I want to send our teenagers out there because I guess it gives them a reality check on how lucky they are to live the way that they do. Once I even noticed that when our teenagers got back they stopped complaining about little things like they did before they left. One thing our parents don’t have that all of us do in our condo is a heating plus cooling system. I have no central heating plus cooling system, plus that’s where their house has regularly been. I grew up without central cooling system plus it didn’t affect myself and others at all. My teenagers are pretty spoiled plus I want them to see what it’s like to live this way, however right before all of us ship them off they regularly complain about not being able to sleep because you’re so hot without the cooling system blasting on them. However, I guess it’s a nice lesson for them plus I like to provide them a dose of reality.

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