I couldn’t deal with my crazy ex-girlfriend and my wife saved me from her

I’m really glad I was able to find my wife.

I remember the girlfriend I had before I met her was absolutely nuts.

This girl likes to go on shopping sprees, she is always complaining about the temperature control settings in venues, and she always loved to crank the heating system up when we did our thing in the bedroom. I mean, I might have been able to deal with the other flaws of hers, but the thing with the heating system being cranked was beyond me. She said it was like her hot yoga and that’s just how she preferred to get down. Her ultimate preference was the nude hot yoga and she even tried to get me into it. I just wasn’t feeling it and eventually I broke up with her. She was crazy of course and acted like we never broke up. She kept asking me why I wasn’t returning her phone calls and I had to block her number. I ended up getting a restraining order and she was still shouting at me outside of my apartment. When I started dating my wife, she was able to put this crazy chick in check. She told her if she kept messing with her man, she was going to beat her to the curb. I couldn’t believe I had my wife standing up for me like that against that crazy chick. Also I loved everything about her from the moment we met. We loved all the same movies and shows. We both enjoyed the same temperature control settings, and we both thought it was absolutely nuts to want to crank the heating system while being in bed. Who wants that kind of stuff?

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