Not certain if my HVAC loves me or not

I was reading an article the other day that tried to answer the question: Do our animal pals like us? When I hold up a treat for my kitty, I am not sure if my pet loves me or the treat. Of course, this is not a valid test. One scientific test ran MRI scans on cats while subjecting them to varying odors that were not actually common to them to compare their reactions to other smells that they were familiar with! The results showed that the pet owner’s scent catapults their brain into a hysteria of activity in an area known as a reward center. The cats prioritize the owner’s smell & this, the study said, is a form of preference directed to their main benefactors. I may be severely paranoid, but I swear my HVAC equipment is making an attempt to use odors to prove if I like it. I’m not actually attached to any MRI equipment that tests my brain activity, however I’m sure that my scan would resemble that of any test cat. Over the past years, I have smelled the “rotten egg” smell & the odor of gas that triggered my brain to truly think we had a minor gas leak, and happily, our HVAC professional took care of it in no time. I was subjected to another HVAC odor test when a stage of humid weather created an algae growth in my drain pipes. Another time I smelled what seemed like a pile of unclean socks, however it was not a laundry drawback. Something “organic” had managed to get into the furnace heat exchanger. I prove my preference to my HVAC equipment by having it serviced by a qualified HVAC expert at least twice each year. That is when the pleasure centers in my brain start going as I breathe in the wonderful odor-free air with the assurance that my HVAC equipment does indeed like me.


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