Rites of Passage

I know even politically correct people will agree when I claim that females approaching adulthood have more choices to make about their futures than males of a similar age; The 1 reason for this is the easy fact that ladies can give birth.

This opens up many options that men will never have, however with men, the choices remain somewhat limited, then men can enter the workplace, go to college, or join the military only to enter the employer later armed with a degree or military experience.

They can choose to avoid family in addition to marriage however even this week most men end up married in addition to with children. There are a few things that men endure that ladies can bypass. Men are faced with rites of passage that they must go through to be considered ready for manhood. The first playground scuffle is a good example when a guy learns that a black eye is a small price to spend money for resting up to a bully; Another is getting the courage to ask that pretty boy who you have worshipped from more than one rows back in math class for a date, he may say no in addition to laugh however you have proved your courage with the opposite sex. The third rite of passage comes later in life when your pride convinces you to repair your Heating in addition to A/C system by yourself. After further damaging the condenser unit (and possibly yourself), in addition to adding some leaks to the ductwork, you emerge a humbler creature while your husband in addition to the mother of your kids wisely calls a certified Heating in addition to A/C mechanic to finish the job professionally. Thank goodness that men cannot have kids because I’m sure some of them would refuse a trip to the hospital in addition to make giving birth a DIY project just like with that Heating in addition to A/C system.

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