The movies have given us some strange mothers.

One of the oddest is Norma Bates, the mother of Norman in the movie Psycho directed by the awesome Alfred Hitchcock.

The plot revolves around Norman and “Mother” living in a small fictional town in California where they run a small Inn called the Bates Motel. The problem is that “Mother”, and her lover were poisoned by Norman a few years ago. Unable to deal with the loss, Norman mummifies her body and keeps it upstairs where he often converses with her. He also assumes her identity, dresses in her clothes, and murders young ladies staying at their motel. Another “bad-momma” movie is “Mommy Dearest” about actress Joan Crawford (1908(?) – 1977). The film gives a very unflattering view of Ms. Crawford’s alleged bad parenting skills. In the famous “no wire hanger” scene, she severely beats her young daughter over her choice of clothes hangers. Thankfully most real-life mothers are caring and loving parents who do everything they can to raise happy children in a comfortable home. To maintain this pleasant environment, good mothers will want to devote some tender loving care to the home’s HVAC system. Neglecting to change filters on a regular schedule is to an HVAC unit like a small child getting beat with a wire hanger. Ignoring regular cleaning and maintenance service performed by a qualified HVAC technician is the human equivalent to being mummified in a fruit cellar. Eventually, the HVAC unit will break down and sit idly unable to deliver the comfort it was designed to do. Norman Bates could at least wear one of his “Mother’s” sweaters to stay warm in winter but having no air conditioning on a hot summer day in California is enough to drive anyone crazy.