My sibling said that only sissies need air conditioning

When our sibling moved out on her own last year, she was on a entirely tight budget.

The venue that she ended up renting wasn’t the best area to live in, but worst of all was the fact that it didn’t have air conditioning! Of course, our sibling said that she didn’t need air conditioning anyway and that she was a grown up who could deal with being a little bit too sizzling every now and then.

I just laughed to myself whenever she said that because I know our sibling pretty well. I knew for a fact that she was spoiled when it came to air conditioning. Whenever the people I was with and I were growing up, our sibling would be a immense jerk whenever the new home got to be too sizzling while in the summers. She was always complaining that our parents needed to turn the thermostat down so that the would run more in our house. As a matter of fact, she ended up having to pitch in and help pay for the cooling bills when the people I was with and I were youngsters because she was always lowering the temperature on the thermostat without checking with our dad first. Anyway, because of this past history with the , I knew for a fact that there was no way that our sibling was going to be able to deal with residing in a sizzling stuffy home without any air conditioning. I was right, too. She ended up coming new home nearly every night and I could tell it was just because she wanted to kneel in the in the comfort of our parents’ new home instead of in her sizzling apartment!

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