Is it safe to use geo heat pumps in areas where there is the icy ground?

Every one of us live in a city that freezes up during winter. The ground all around the house becomes icy and walking and driving is a safety hazard; Our house is in the middle of farmland and during Wintertide every one of us do not farm, apparently. When our electric heating method malfunctioned earlier on when Wintertide started, I started researching the best heating and air conditioner method for my home. I stumbled up the geo heat pump which was fitted underground and was the most efficient method in the heating corp. This method also came with a few energy saving help recommendations and a free first gas furnace/heater tune-up session. There were also other smaller units I discovered that could be used in case the central heating failed. These units included the oil furnace and the space heater. The HVAC tech confirmed that the ductless HVAC was built to withstand the drasticest ground and would certainly be okay for us to dig up and install the modern heating unit. Though this was true, They had a difficult time digging up the frozen land, however they had come prepared and had specialized equipment for boiler replacement. The job took them close to numerous days however they did a splendid commendable job. They also gave me with a wireless control device to control the temperature at the comfort of my home. As previously assumed, this device was the best I ever had as it worked effortlessly and gave quality indoor comfort all through the Wintertide and other seasons since it also had cooling capabilities. It required certainly minimal maintenance which meant I saved up a lot of money. I was ecstatic to have chosen this system.

a/c serviceman