My kitchen was frigid.

Ever since the people I was with and I moved into our house, the people I was with and I have been finding areas of the condo where the heating and cooling system don’t reach.

I had 1 area of the kitchen that was always frigid in the winter.

One would think this spot would be by the kitchen door, but they would be wrong. The spot was in the corner near the stove. The only time there was any heat in that area, was when I was cooking. It was enjoy the people I was with and I had our own personal icebox standing in that spot. I called the HVAC supplier and asked what I could do about this and the other areas in the condo that were impervious to heating and cooling system. When the HVAC tech showed up, she showed our partner and I how the spots the people I was with and I pointed out were the furthest from the gas furnace and cooling system units. She said the HVAC duct didn’t reach those areas, which is why there weren’t any air vents there. She told us there were fans they could put into the HVAC duct that would help to push more heat into those rooms. This would put a small boost into the amount of heat and cooling system that flowed into the rooms and it could help with our ‘dead’ spots. When asked how much it was going to cost, our partner balked. She said that before she put more money into the modern HVAC duct, she would rather wait until the people I was with and I decided for the new system. She wanted to go with a ductless HVAC plan in the next couple years, and I would just need to put up with cold spots.

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