Why can’t I have radiant heated flooring?

When we had our new HVAC system installed, I wanted radiant heated flooring installed.

My husband really wasn’t hearing any of this.

He told me he had just had the house remodelled and he wasn’t ripping up any flooring that had just been laid down. I understood this, but if he had the HVAC system replaced first, we could have planned for the radiant heated flooring. He told me he would make one concession for me. He would have a boiler heating system installed and I would be able to have radiant heated flooring installed in the future. He was too quick to make this concession and I wanted to know what the flipside was. He smiled and told me that we didn’t need new ductwork with the boiler. There was no need for air vents, and no need for ductwork. The heat would be delivered through baseboard heaters. I wanted to know how we would have the central air conditioning delivered. He shrugged and told me we would just have to keep the old window air conditioners. I wasn’t liking this idea of not having central air conditioning. That was one of the reasons we were having the new HVAC system installed. We had both decided that we wanted central air conditioning. He told me that everything came with pluses and minuses and I had to make my decision. I still want radiant heated flooring some day, but right now I want central air conditioning more. I didn’t say anything, but I’m sure he was able to read how upset I was with him, just by how I glared at him before walking away.
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