Dead AC in the middle of a pandemic heatwave

If you remember last summer at all, you will remember how unseasonably hot and humid it was.

We are sort of famous for our hot summers anyway, but this one took the cake. For three months going outside felt like someone throwing a hot, wet blanket over you and throwing you into a sauna. It was miserable, and we all spent most of the time inside. It was right in the middle of this epic heatwave that my home cooling system decided to take a dump and die. This was right in the middle of the pandemic, too, so it’s not like cooling ourselves off at the public pool, or using the AC at the library were options. We were supposed to be on lockdown, in our own homes, except for now my home felt like a furnace, and that I might die if I stayed there too long. After checking my bank statement, I realized I might not have enough money to get the AC fixed. It costs a hundred bucks just to get a repair tech over to look at the AC, and that doesn’t cover the cost of actually fixing it. Seeing as I only had about $300 to my name at the time, calling the HVAC company did not seem like a feasible option, either. I made the smart short-term decision I could, and went to a big box store to find the smallest, cheapest air conditioner I could. I found one for $250, and it’s not much, but it’s good for cooling down one room, which is better than nothing.


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