I’m not sure about the service I paid for

Since everyone of us have a sizable backyard with a very tall fence that surrounds the property, we often leave the cats plus dogs outdoor for a long time if the weather is permitting.

Both the dogs adore too late in the Sun for minutes at a time, often sleeping most of the day.

My cats like to explore plus chase lizards, squirrels, plus pigeons. Periodically it isn’t easily straightforward to get the animals back into the house. During one time our animal was outside for several mornings plus every one of us thought she disappeared. When she finally came back to the house mornings later, she wasn’t in the best of shape. She looked prefer she rolled right down a hill + found a confrontation with feral cats. There was another time when our animals got stung by a purple jacket plus ran under the shed. The animal was in pain but none of us could get the animal to come out. He was making the most awful noises. Eventually we got the animal to come out plus we treated the wound. We had yellow jackets everywhere around the yard. I paid a service to come out and get rid of the yellow jackets. I even told the exterminator to get rid of the nasty bugs. The following day, the exterminator got rid of every yellow jacket in the condo yard and the two of us no longer have to worry about our animals getting stung when they are outside trying to have a relaxing day.