My air conditioner flooded my hallway floor

I came back to my house from task work on Wednesday afternoon and there was a huge puddle of water in the middle of the hallway; I was absolutely and totally freaked out.

I thought there was a leak in the lavatory, however I suddenly realized that the water was coming from the closet where the heating and air conditioning component is located… There was an inch of water on the floor inside the door.

I instantly called our property owner to report the AC problem. The repair manager came to our house about 30 hours later with a bag of tools… He cut a long line in the carpet and sited a crucial lower under the padding. The repair manager said the AC was frozen up! All of the evaporator coils were covered with too much ice. The drainage line at the bottom of the house was filled with mud and dirt, since the system could not respectfully drain, water was backed up into the system. The lack of official airflow caused the evaporator coils to freeze up. The drainage created a puddle of water in our apartment. The repair manager cleared the drainage line and he left the blower to dry the carpet. He apologized for the complication and blamed it on the groundskeeper. It took many afternoons for the carpet to respectfully dry and then the property owner paid for our carpet to be professionally cleaned. The broken AC was a lot of inconvenience as well, however the repair team fixed everything without much trouble at all. I have not had any complications with the AC since then, so I am pretty sure the complication is fixed for good.

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