Get carpet cleaned before investing in air purifier

One thing I never honestly knew was how carpet cleaning could highly improve the air quality in your home.

  • I found this out when I went to have my carpets professionally cleaned last week! Following the carpet cleaning and then drying off, I noticed that my indoor air pollen levels were so much better.

My allergies were not acting up as much and also I did not have to run my whole home air purifier as much as I did before. It really was so nice with the air quality simply from cleaning the carpets that I almost thought about getting rid of my whole home air purifier! Of course I did not do that, but I had thought about it because of how clean the indoor air pollen levels were. I did spend a ton of currency on this whole home air purifier, so I wanted to make sure that I got my currency worth. So I could never get rid of it. But it did save me on some energy use and made my energy bill lower from not having to run the whole home air purifier as much as I did before. That takes energy to use of course. So I was kind of ecstatic about that. So if you have disappointing air quality in your home, before dumping thousands into whole home air purifiers like I did, get a fantastic carpet cleaning done. It may make the whole big difference and save you all of that currency! I wish I had done that before investing in the whole home air purifier.


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