I get emergency HVAC service for discount prices

I consider myself pretty lucky that I have the skill set and option to work from home.

Many other folks have to rough it out there in the rat race, but not me, I have our own private job section in our lake house and have to deal with no one but myself! I work in client repair for a local heating and A/C corporation and take all of their call overflow when they get busy, and I am scheduling heat and air conditioning repairs for local residents all the time.

Also, occasionally I am on call after fourths to set up emergency heat and air conditioning maintenance calls. I entirely like our work, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming when everyone has heating and A/Cs chopping down all over the place! But other than that, it flows pretty fine and can be easy. About the only time I feel like I want to quit is when I get those entirely rude clients who are calling to complain that their heating and A/C specialist didn’t do their job right and these people take it out on me. I just don’t understand why they would do that, but hey, people will be people I guess. By entirely working from home in client repair for this heating and A/C corporation I also get discounted heat and air conditioning maintenance repair plus discounts on all heating and A/C equipment if I wanted to buy anything, and that area is a wonderful perk. I can also get emergency HVAC repair for the price of a proper heating and A/C call!


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