The guinea pig pet made me do it: Getting a new ductless heat pump

My son had selected a guinea pig as his pet when the people I was with and I opted to go pet shopping for his 10th birthday, then i did not expect him to take full responsibility for it and this was blatant from the many times the people I was with and I cried thinking he had lost it, but he loved the little creature but when it was out of its cage it caused a lot of harm around the house, chewing on everything it came across.

It had found an opening on the vents of my electric gas furnace and was messing up the functionality of the unit.

I needed a lasting solution to the constant calls I kept placing to the heating serviceman; So the workman commanded I get a ductless heat pump. It did not have vents but gave the same quality heating as my vented unit, but the guinea pig had caused a lot of troubles that led to the gas furnace malfunctioning. I resorted to using my gas fireplace for my heating repair needs. I was grateful that the home already had an inbuilt fireplace. The heat pump install was done a week later and this surely did solve the issue with the guinea pig. A local dealer had mapped out the location to fit the central heating and she also offered a few energy saving tips that would see a extreme reduction in my utility bill. The new equipment was also a zone control which meant that all rooms would have ideal temperature all regulated using a programmable temperature control. The guinea pig died a few weeks after that and though it was sad, It was the reason I had upgraded from the outdated vented dual fuel method that kept crashing due to the accumulated debris from the pet and vent sealing.


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