I have always been there for my sister to help her with her condition

I have always felt bad for my sister ever since she lost her eyesight. Fortunately, she had her vision for a long time until she was a teenager, but eventually the lights just kept fading for her until she was totally blind. It was hard for her, but our parents helped out a lot and I did what I could for her too. I mostly tried to comfort her and I helped her with getting a seeing eye dog. She can be stubborn at times and sometimes she’s in a bitter mood, but I still love her no matter what. She actually gets around pretty well with her dog, and that’s something I am thankful for. She needs help with a lot of things though, but she never wants to ask for help. More recently, she was having an impossible time trying to adjust her thermostat. When I went over to her apartment to visit, I couldn’t believe how overheated it was in the place. I asked her why she didn’t call me for me to come out to help, but she said she didn’t want to bother me. I ended up buying her a really fancy smart thermostat that has voice commands. Now she is able to simply say what she wants the climate control settings to be, and it works. She thanked me for getting her that saying that I didn’t have to do it. I joked back though saying that I did it more for me than her because I didn’t want to have to fix her temperature control settings in the middle of the night!
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