Health concerns lurk all over our home

Last summer was especially hot and also humid.

The warm weather arrive earlier than usual and also we began to use the AC separate from having the machine maintained.

There were so numerous tasks that needed to be cared for in the house. I continued putting the call off in order to schedule the AC Service. I had a lot of trouble starting the lawn mower and also the grass was super high. The garden was filled with weeds and also we had sticks and also debris from a spring storm. Everything needed to be picked up. I wanted to set up the patio furniture and open the pool and also wash the grill. I really should not have neglected the AC. It was putting out cool air, so I forgot about maintaining it. By mid-july, the temperatures were climbing near 90s or 100 everyday and also the humidity was brutal. The AC was easily having trouble. The air vents were absolutely smelling unpleasant and also musty. I noticed the AC running constantly. My teenagers were complaining about congestion, itchy eyes and also sore throats. I noticed they were sneezing and also coughing whenever the AC was cycling. I was suffering from headaches and also difficulty sleeping. When we finally had a professional AC system serviced, every one of us found out that there was a considerable accumulation of dust, mold and mildew growing inside of the ductwork. Now we have to make it a priority to professionally have the AC cleaned before every summer season.

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