Annual Conference Nearly Ruined

A sizable part of our job is organizing the annual conference. Last year, because of the pandemic, every one of us didn’t have a single. My job was a lot straight-forwardr last year, however this year, every one of us are having the annual conference again. I am working tough again and am very tied up every morning. If I didn’t have to do all the other stuff I do every morning, I wouldn’t mind this job so much, however I assure you it is very stressful. There are about a million details to look after, and if you forget something, people are going to get angry. And there are some things that are completely out of your control, but one year, the parking situation at the hotel was very unorganized, and I had to hear about a million complaints about it, however do I have control over that? No. All I could do was try to get the hotel to take charge and maintenance parking problems. One time, there was the worst complication ever. The hotel’s Heating as well as Air Conditioning system broke down early in the morning on the first morning of our event! Our location is way down south, and it is held in November. If there is ever a need for a/c, it is in the south in November, however alas, every one of us had entirely no cooling coming out of the a/c air vents right from the start of the morning. Is the lack of air conditioning our fault? Of course it isn’t, however that does not stop people, especially our boss, screaming, “Do something!” If I could have whipped out our magic a/c-repair-wand, think me, I would have already done it; Unluckyly, I was all out of magical air conditioning maintenance devices, so all I could do was demand that the hotel “do something!”


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