Eco-Friendly Trip is Not for Me

I am willing to carry around a metal straw to save birds

Have you ever heard of eco-friendly vacations? It seems there are resorts that are offering environmentally friendly vacation packages these days. Well, I care about the ozone layer and the oceans, so I decided to look into these eco getaways for myself. I was thinking about making my next week off a good one not only for me but also for the planet. It sounded really good, at first, too. For example, they have plans to limit gasoline usage. They have multitudes of plant life everywhere. They don’t have straws, and they don’t wash the linens every single day. All of this sounded good to me and I was ready to whip out my credit card to reserve a spot. That’s when I read the smaller print declaring there is no air conditioning! What? I could not believe what I was seeing. Where I live, it is not even legal to build a building without heating and cooling in it. We have to use the heaters sometimes where I live, but mostly, I live in a hot climate, so the a/c is what matters most to me. My little eco-friendly vacation is in a tropical resort, so a/c would be pretty important there, too. I am truly a fan of living a little lighter in order to make a smaller carbon footprint. I am willing to wash the laundry less often. I am willing to carry around a metal straw to save birds. I am happy to set my thermostat up a few degrees in summer and down a few degrees in winter. However, I am not willing to spend big money to go to a resort in the tropics and have absolutely no access to air conditioning!



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