Grocery Store Has Huge Sale

The other day, I got a text from my friend that said the local grocery store was having a massive sale. It was unannounced, and the store asked everyone who was there or nearby to use word of mouth to get people to know about it. Every single item in the cooler and frozen foods sections of the store were being sold for 50% off! Why? I bet you can guess. That’s right, the cooling system was on the fritz, and the HVAC and refrigeration service crew was telling the store owner that it was going to be several days before they could get the HVAC system repaired. The air conditioning in the store, the part that serves as heating and cooling for people, was working fine, but the a/c and refrigeration portion of the system that keeps the frozen foods and dairy items cool was not working at all. When walking up the meat counter, it felt like the heating was on instead of the cooling. It was paramount that the store sell everything that required the cooling system to remain fresh. And they needed to sell it fast! Well, I went down there right away. My HVAC was working fine, so why not go get cheap meat and ice cream? When I got to the store, the place was packed with shoppers, and there were also several trucks from the commercial heating and cooling company parked by the front door. I am sure those HVAC repair service people were stressed out, but I think it was really smart of the store owner to sell everything really cheap rather than have it spoil.



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